Explore new frontiers and harness the power of global investing

Who We Are

Cosmos Capital addresses the unique and growing need of Global Indians to harness the power of investment opportunities unbridled by borders. We are positioned to offer genuinely diversified products in uncorrelated geographies, themes, and asset classes.

Cosmos Capital stands on the pillars of five C’s
To excellence, clients, partnerships

Aware, qualified, knowledgeable


Reliable, trustworthy, dependable


In delivery of expertise and solutions


Focus on delivering to client needs

Our Vision

To be the gateway between India and the world. We aim to identify and facilitate innovative investment solutions for the Global Indian.

Our Mission

To continuously ideate, identify, evaluate, and make available best-in-class global investment solutions. We make this possible through curated products and structures that add value to sophisticated Ultra HNIs and Family Offices via uncorrelated, diverse exposure.

The Cosmos Capital Advantage


The global economy has been extremely dynamic in the recent past with great liquidity, ongoing trade wars, changing geopolitical alignments, and uneven debt-to-GDP ratios worldwide.


In this climate, Cosmos Capital is a sophisticated investor’s ally. We provide solutions and thought leadership to investors in global markets that present opportunities for growth across uncorrelated geographies and asset classes. 

Our extensive network of global investment managers, paired with our rigorous evaluation and monitoring is pivotal in identifying, and making accessible, curated products and structures from across the world.

Product Suite

At Cosmos Capital, you can be assured that a dedicated team is working constantly on ideating, identifying, and evaluating global products. We make available a wide range of USD-denominated investment opportunities that are approachable, understandable, and easily accessible and that will add value to your portfolio.

Curated Funds on Offer