About Us

Cosmos Capital Private Limited is a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 2013. It was set up to address the growing need of Indians and NRIs to access a range of cross-border investment opportunities.

Due to the massive liquidity that has been pumped into the global economy in the recent past, ongoing trade wars, changing geopolitical alignments, and debt-to-GDP ratios of various countries, the flow of money to the world continues to be uneven, throwing up unique opportunities. Sophisticated investors, therefore, are looking for genuine diversification in their portfolios through non-correlated geographies and asset classes and are seeking to allocate, from their portfolios, to  Indian and global opportunities.

While India possesses the potential for vibrant growth, global markets are extremely deep and allow for allocations across multiple asset classes and unique investment themes. Cosmos Capital seeks to dedicate its efforts exclusively to this need and bring its in-depth approach and process capabilities to curate differentiated and uncorrelated products for the discerning investor.


Philosophy and Core Values

The company logo is symbolic of stability, permanence, and geometric perfection; the cube is the building block of our identity and philosophy. The five cubes represent the brand’s pillars and core values. They come together to form strong and secure bonds, eventually forming the letter ‘C’ of Cosmos. A hidden star in the negative space symbolizes the search for excellence and reaching for the sky. Five Cs that are the core tenets and pillars of the brand are:

To excellence, clients, partnerships

Aware, qualified, knowledgeable


Reliable, trustworthy, dependable


In delivery of expertise and solutions


Focus on delivering to client needs

Management and Advisory Team

Ms. Shalini Sekhri

Ms. Shalini Sekhri

Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Aman Shah

Mr. Aman Shah

Lead, Product & Research

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Ms. Sharon Jacinto

Ms. Sharon Jacinto

Head, Operations and Services

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Mr. Chandan Kumar

Mr. Chandan Kumar

Partner at TIW PE

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Mr. Asheesh Chanda

Mr. Asheesh Chanda

CEO & Founder of Kristal.AI

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Mr. Swapnil Pawar

Mr. Swapnil Pawar

Chairman & Founder of Scient Capital

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Fund Curation Process

At Cosmos Capital, we follow a rigorous process to ensure our valuable customers get easy access to best-in-class international investment opportunities. Here is our five-step process:

We believe there are opportunities in some parts of the world in some asset classes at all times. We use our investment framework to:

Analyze macro data

Identify headwinds and tailwinds for various asset classes

Source a set of relevant investment managers in the identified asset classes

What we do

We create a pipeline of new investment opportunities from best-in-class asset managers from different parts of the world with a wide range of expertise and strategies. We source deals from the below ecosystem of global connections:

Opportunities from the proprietary network

Network of placement agents and fund aggregators

Existing relationships with product manufacturers in various parts of the world

The endeavor is to identify a set of appropriate funds under each of the asset classes to ensure product availability in different buckets of investment categories.





What we do


We look for investment opportunities meeting the following criteria:

Themes expected to play out in the next decade with high-growth conviction

Brands that are used globally and showcase continuous growth in earnings

Businesses in specific economies which are the major beneficiaries of changing macro trends


We look for investment opportunities with the following criteria:

Accrual Strategies such as high-quality sovereign securities with medium- and long-term maturities

Duration Strategies that include investing in dynamic debt and gilt securities

Strategies not available in the Indian market with a potential to deliver higher returns than plain-vanilla bond funds, e.g., leveraged bond funds


We look for investment opportunities that would benefit from the global macro environment:

Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum

Broad commodity baskets: potential beneficiaries in the inflationary environment

Industrial metals: aluminum, copper, lithium, etc.


We look for investment opportunities that meet the following criteria:

Low correlation to traditional investments, for example, life settlement fund that has a negative correlation with equities

Differentiated hedge fund strategies, for example, long only, long/short, arbitrage, etc.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

Volatility ETNs

We do extensive research and analysis on various data points before empaneling a new fund in our product suite.

Preliminary analysis of the fund

Investment style

Quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis

What we do

We evaluate the following information for the strategy under consideration:

  • Investment objective of the fund
  • Investment strategy
  • Absolute or relative return strategy
  • Investment universe for the fund
  • Geographic focus
  • Use of leverage and other derivatives instrument and purpose of use
  • Ideal investment horizon
  • Fund domicile and fund regulator
  • Fund structure
  • Asset class
  • Inception year
  • Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • Benchmark index

IInvestment Style

  • Top-down, bottom-up, or both
  • Active or passive
  • Growth, value, or blend
  • Large, mid, or small-cap
  • Buy and hold
  • Fee structure
  • Lock-in period and exit load

Quantitative Analysis

We do a detailed analysis of various quantitative parameters to determine the consistency in risk-adjusted returns of the fund and performance track record versus relevant benchmarks.
We undertake a robust process to evaluate various aspects, as listed here:

Historical returns

  • Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
  • Rolling returns
  • Calendar year returns
  • Monthly returns (past 3 years)
  • Number of positive months (%)

Performance v/s benchmark

  • Alpha
  • Upside capture
  • Downside capture

Performance v/s peer group

Risk metrics

  • Beta
  • Standard deviation
  • Maximum drawdown
  • Number of months to recovery
  • Correlation with other asset classes

Risk-adjusted ratios

  • Sharpe ratio
  • Sortino ratio
  • Treynor ratio
  • R squared

Other parameters

  • Top holdings to determine concentration risk
  • Liquidity profile of portfolio holdings
  • Churn ratio since inception
  • Any significant fund outflows in the past three years
  • Portfolio P/E and P/B ratio

Specific ratios analyzed for fixed income securities

  • Portfolio duration
  • Portfolio Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • Average portfolio maturity
  • Credit rating of the fund and portfolio holdings

Correlation of the fund with respect to other asset classes. We usually prefer investment opportunities with low correlation to different asset classes.

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

The fund manager’s background check

  • Qualification and investment style
  • Track record and total years of experience
  • Number of years spent managing the current fund

Team and investment committee

  • Analyst support provided to the fund manager
  • Number of individuals involved in the decision-making process
  • Risk management framework followed before/during investing

After satisfactory analysis of the fund, we conduct a call with the fund management team to assess the following:

Independent verification of credentials

Fund manager’s view

Market and fund outlook

What we do

The fund manager’s background check

  • Verification of management stability and economic rationale of investment strategies
  • Verification of background and rationality behind previous investment decisions to measure future consistency of the team and fund strategy

Fund manager’s view

  • Positive market scenarios in which the fund is expected to outperform (benchmark or absolute return)
  • Negative market scenarios in which the fund is expected to underperform (benchmark or absolute return)

Market and fund outlook

  • Short-term market outlook (<1 year) and its impact on the fund
  • Long-term market outlook (>1 year) and its impact on the fund

We regularly monitor fund performance and engage with the fund management team for periodic reviews on various aspects. This is done to ensure that the fund activities are aligned with the overall fund objective, risk management, and targeted IRR.

The process includes:

Analysis of the monthly performance

Quarterly fund management call

Extraordinary management call

What we do

  • Monthly review of the fund updates/commentary shared by the fund house, performance review, and risk metrics
  • Conduct extraordinary calls to gain insights on the potential impact on the fund due to an extreme negative/positive event or news floating in the market
  • Detailed periodic discussion with fund managers to get their views on how their funds are positioned to benefit the most from the markets
  • Get broader views on the macroeconomic and microeconomic scenarios
  • Get information about new offerings and evaluate them to understand if they can be included in our suite of products